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Legal Videography

Video Depositions

Video is a powerful and persuasive tool that has the ability to not only show the audience what the deponent said, but how he or she said it. At Birmingham Reporting Service, we believe that when you combine video with your transcript, you are able to tell a much more compelling and convincing story.

Birmingham Reporting Service's videography services include professional videographers specializing in depositions, day-in-the-life videos, videotaping of seminars, and site inspections. Our professional videographers are experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of recording from timely setup to conducting quality checks throughout your proceeding. Our videos are recorded using broadcast quality, high definition video cameras and high-gain microphones to assure that every nuance is accurately captured.

Video Synchronization

When a video is synchronized with the text of the testimony, evidence is all the more compelling. Each line scrolls as the witness speaks capturing demeanor, body language, and tone of voice.

The real value, though, is searchability. Instead of constantly rewinding and fast-forwarding to pinpoint an answer, simply highlight the text, zero-in on crucial statements, then capture video clips for playback at trial or other proceedings.

Day-in-the-Life Videos/Scene Inspections

A courtroom is not always the best environment for communicating intangibles. This includes the difficulties an accident victim experiences maneuvering in public and in private or the pain of physical therapy. At Birmingham Reporting Service, we use video to bring these stories to jurors. Our services include recording and editing an individual's day-to-day activities to provide a snapshot of his or her life.